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Bendable Aluminium Led Profile

  • Product Item:ST-1704
  • Category:ST-1704(bendable)
  • Views:693
  • Material: aluminium alloy 6063-T5
  • Color: Anodizing Silver
  • Size: 1000*17*4mm the length can be customized
  • Accessories: endcap, Clip and PC Cover
  • Product Manual:Aluminium alloy 6063-T5 Extruded Aluminium Led Profile for Led Strips


Product Information
Type item
LED aluminum profile
Model No.
Body material
6063 T5 aluminum alloy
Cover material
Surface mounting or recessed
W 17*H 4 mm   the length customized

Width of PCB

end caps, clips,PC Cover

Product description

LED aluminum profile for LED strip

This is an aluminum profile for led strip light as a housing protect LED,It's not only a great housing for led strip lights but also as a  heat sink for them as well.And easy to install,recessed mounted&surface mounted& hoisting and installation.

LED aluminum profile for LED strip(classification according to surface treatment requirments)

1. Anodizing profiles
2.Electrophresis profiles
3.Powder coating profiles(spraying)

LED aluminum profiile for LED strip

End caps(one with hole,one without hole) for both ends of LED aluminum profiles.

LED aluminuminum profile for LED strip

Clips,it's used for fix aluminum profile and installation.

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